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Texas Relocation Company has over 20 years of experience in commercial moves of all sorts. We will:

  • Disassemble modular office furniture
  • Wrap cables and wires
  • Label equipment and boxes to ensure all items return to the proper desk/office


  • If you prefer to have IT department to disassemble electronics we will sync our movements around them to complete your office move as quick as possible.
  • It is best to schedule your move over the weekend when operations needs to be up and running on Monday morning. 
  • We can prioritize important office/equipment to unload first.  This way these key workspaces are accessible as soon as possible, while low priority equipment can follow.
  • If your building has an elevator, check to see if needs to be reserved. 
  • Please check and assess parking for our large trailers and truck. 45ft will be needed for the truck, trailer, and loading ramp.
  • Office moves can be very unique, please call to schedule a visual with the facilitator(s) of the move for a more accurate quote.

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