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In order to keep your pets safe and to ease their anxieties with the move, try some of these tips:

1. Keep your pets out of the way.  It can become a very dangerous situation when your movers are carrying your household items and the dog or cat get tangled up with their feet or are in the path of the movers as the are in and out to the truck.


2. Consider boarding or kenneling your pets while moving.  This keeps them safe, out of the way, and let's you focus on your move.  An alternative would be asking a friend or relative to take them in until you get to your new place. This also helps to keep your animals from getting nervous with the strangers and activity buzzing around their territory.


3. If you cannot board your pets for the move, put them in the yard, or keep them in a bathroom that can stay closed for the duration of the move. Keeping your pets contained will help prevent one of them from sneaking out of an open door.


4. Getting used to your new home can take a few days to even weeks. New smells, sounds, and layouts can be disorienting. Try keeping familiar bedding, blankets, and toys on hand... favorite treats are sure to help!  Upon bringing your pet home, promptly show them where to go potty whether it's the yard or a litter box.  Be patient, they may have accidents.


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